COSHH Fire Health & Safety Risk Assessments

Over 50 Health & Safety Risk Assessments + Training Course Materials 

 The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 cover a wide range of basic health, safety and welfare issues and is law to comply

We cave complied the best package ideal for business or individuals to keep in date with many health and safety compliance

This package has been produced by SMARTT North East who are health and safety consultants and you have full licence to edit and change any of the risk assessments and training documents to fit your own needs, the package includes;

Risk assessments

  • Confined Space
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Hot Work Risk Assessment Template
  • First Aid Assessment Guidance
  • Audit Your COSHH Assessment and Controls1
  • COSHH Risk Assessment for Employees
  • COSHH Risk Assessment Matrix
  • COSHH risk Assessment
  • DSEAR Risk Assessment Matrix
  • Legionella Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Metalworking Fluids Risk Assessment
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • Circular Saws Management Checklist
  • Machinery Safety Management Checklist
  • Plant and machinery
  • 5 Steps to Carry Out Any Risk Assessment
  • Management of Occupational Road Risk Planning Checklist
  • Vehicle Selection Risk Assessment
  • Working-at-height-risk-assessment

Also adding in;

Free SWOT analysis template

A comprehensive FULL Health & Safety Policy

COSHH Fire Health & Safety Risk Assessments Including Training Resources
COSHH | Fire | Health & Safety Risk Assessments Including Training Resources
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